About Me

Thank you for taking an interest in my blog! I am a public relations college senior with a minor in interpersonal communication. As I am approaching graduation in May, I am looking to find a pr job position in New York. I have had three internships all of which are non-profit organizations. I would love to tell you my resume but quite frankly that is just boring.

I have a passion for learning and self-development. My positive outlook on life is what separates me from a lot of people. My theory on life is if you master the art of learning there is nothing you can't accomplish. I don't mean sitting in a classroom for the rest of your life. Learn from mistakes, experiences, testimonies and life in general.

I created this blog because there should be a place where college students can go and receive information they need to prepare for their next chapter in life. It's a lot of uncertainty for college students and I hope this blog can eliminate that. If there is a topic that I have not covered and you want me to research it, you can e-mail me at aburks@siu.edu and I will blog about it. Follow me on Twitter @SuccessfulSista!

God Bless!