Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Video transforming the pr and journalism industries?

So what does video have to do with pr and journalism? Everything! As you know, we are moving into a digital world, so it's important to learn video editing to benefit an organization. Editing videos takes hours, it isn't easy but it's worth it. With a video you can highlight the benefits to your organization, document a client's testimony, record employees doing volunteer work and so many other things. All of these types of videos can be placed on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger and the list goes on.

I sat through a two hour session on how to use Final Cut Pro, which is a popular software used to edit videos, and I felt overwhelmed, but it made me realize the power of videos. Do you remember the "Ouch Charlie" video? It was posted three years ago and now has over 240 million views! How about the "A Day at the Office" video. It was posted a year ago and now has over 1 million views. Although these aren't traditional news videos, this trend points to the power of video.

It's important to be creative when developing ideas for videos. The video must be short and captivate the viewers' attention immediately. Sounds familiar huh? That's because many of the skills you apply to pr and journalism also apply to video producing.

The video below is a simple video outlining pr tips. It was posted a year ago and now has over 8,000 views. Although it does not have the same response rate as the viral videos, the company is promoting itself and the profession.

Videos like these can be used to promote your organization and knowing how to do so will capitalize on your pr campaigns and news stories. Chances are you're going to have to work with video anyway, so take advantage of the time you have to develop your skills. You can take classes on how to operate cameras and software. You do not need to be an expert however, the more you know the better your video will be.

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